Sausalito Home Remodel: The Staircase


My husband and I just bought a new home, and although moving can be very stressful at times, the creative remodeling projects are right up my alley.

Before the official move in date, we had to address a few key issues – the first being a hideous wrought iron staircase that is not only the first thing you see when you walk through the front door, but also follows you up three flights through the middle of every level of the house.


The solution was simple — remove the entire bannister and replace it with a much cleaner and sleeker style. We chose straight cut wooden balustrades and painted them white to match the risers on the stairs. We then paired that with a similarly clean lined bannister which we stained a nice gray-brown to match the floors and the steps. The combination made for a very cohesive feel with the rest of the house and really tied all of the levels together in a contemporary and clean way. (And, don’t worry, we’ll address the light fixtures later.)


To finish it off, we added a herringbone carpet runner with gray edging. Check out the completed pics below. A quick and easy makeover with a dramatic impact. Such a transformation!


The supremely talented Lisa Abdalla, of Lisa Abdalla Interiors, was instrumental in selecting the herringbone carpet runner on the staircase. Thank you for your indispensable interior design eye, Lisa!